How we started

Inspired by the hidden creative talents of those inflicted by hardship in our community, Soul Societies originated as a personal mission to bring art supplies to those who don't otherwise have access to them. In doing this, our goal is to also provide an opportunity for the creatives in our community to volunteer their time and talents. 


Meet the Founders

Erin Oostra (left) & Zian Dinh (right)


Our projects


By working with the Bread of Life Mission in Pioneer Square, we are able to bring weekly creative nights to the individuals enrolled in their recovery program. These art nights provide a safe and fun space for adults to learn new art techniques or simply experiment with different artistic materials. The volunteers are able to connect with residents as well as work on their craft alongside the participants. Our main goal here is to engage with our community, freely express ourselves through creativity, and have fun!


Tales of Art is a children’s art program for those from low income or immigrant families in Seattle's international district. This program is centered around cultural storytelling and community sharing. Often times, children who immigrate or were born here gradually lose touch of their cultural background. Our program aims to introduce folktales and stories of different countries. We will work with the children to create art for these stories to put together into a children’s book of their own. This will be something they can enjoy with each other and their families while staying in touch with their own heritage. 

We have been awarded a grant from Seattle's Neighborhood Matching Fund to start this program. Additionally, we are fiscally sponsored by Shunpike, a non-profit organization that supports local artist initiatives in Washington State.